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As industry, you stand to benefit a lot from the NNCSC competition in many ways than you can anticipate. Here is a summary of some of the key values that you can unlock from the competition.

Testing real problems in a controlled environment

If you have a project or problem you are busy trying to solve in your organisation. By modelling it as a scenario to be worked on during the competition, you will find an array of possible and creative ways of approaching the solutions towards such a problem. The competition creates a platform for problem solving, projects execution and modelling of solutions towards defined needs. If considered viable, such solutions can be improved after the competition to suit your real needs.

2.   Scouting for talent

There is no better way of recruiting your future cyber security experts, than to be present during the time when they are under pressure working on real typical business day to day challenges. Internship students can also be identified from the participants without the need to guess on their potential to deliver.

3.   Brand awareness

A marketing ground for reaching out to your other potential market and future business community. You can engage your respective marketing units to be present and active at any level of the competition from preparation to the actual competition day and even after.  You can also work with students on community outreach programs for your organisation.

4.   Networking

Specifically focused on fostering constructive business relations that you could leverage on beyond the competition platform, you have good ground to encounter a diverse pool of different personalities in the same field and society during the competition.

5.   Community engagement

 helps you get feedback on your services in a relaxed platform, without investing a lot of time in getting such crucial pieces of data that could be vital for your next strategic business plan for instance.

6.   Collaboration

the environment presented by the competition allows industry partners from various organisations to converge together in one place, hence facilitate sharing of ideas on common problems that are relevant towards typical day-to-day operations. Such skills are gained without committing to enrol for any particular course at any institution.

7.   New product or service launches

harnessing the competition platform, industry can test the security strength of their various products. You can present prototypes for testing and you can receive constructive feedback, hence helping you cut on that R & D budget.

8.   Staying relevant

Any platform that allows you to interface with the academic community is a golden opportunity to gain up to date trends in the cyber security space and related fields as informed by various research findings, without committing to parting away with the consultancy fees.

9.   Time and Cost Saving

As highlighted in most of the potential benefits here, if objectively assessed, there is ample room for cost cutting and time saving. The time it was going to take you sending out an advert for a cyber security or related position in your organisation, it could be reduced by coming to the source of talent and handpick the skills you are looking for, just for an example.

10.  Sponsoring Opportunity

As industry you have an opportunity to be part and parcel of the noble cause, that places your organisation on the map, as the NNCSC competition, feeds every year into an International Competition and each and every time the participants proceed on your sponsorship ticket, the name reaching the global space is yours.  You can also sponsor by availing your IT staff to come and sharpen their skills, as they can be part of the mainstream competition proceedings from judging to attacking e.t.c

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