Competition Team Description

The following is a summary of the various teams that form every part of the NNCSC competition

Gold Team

Competition officials that organize, run and manage the competition. They solicit for sponsorship, manage the budget and handle all communication including complaints. The team is headed by Prof. Fungai Bhunu Shava.

Yellow Team

Competition officials that are responsible for the event logistics including food, venue, and program design. The team is headed by Dr. Mercy Chitauro.

Red Team

Penetration testing professionals simulating external hackers attempting to gain unauthorised access to competition teams’ systems. The objective is not to disable the networks, but to set things up that create a learning environment for the students. Headed by Mr. Reghardt Joubert. Deputised by Mr. Nashima Etutega; Mr Chancard Maboulou & Mr Johann van Rooyen

White Team

Competition support members who provide overall administrative support to the competition. They develop documentation and rules. Co-headed by Prof. Fungai Bhunu Shava and Prof. Attlee M. Gamundani.

Orange Team

These are customer service professionals who evaluate to crate or technically end users who will be requesting services from the white team –  Co-headed by Mr. Julius Silaa & Mr. Isaac Nhamu.

Purple Team

Competition marketing and public relations team. They spearhead the outreach and liase with the Competition Patron – Hon Emma Theophilus on various publicity initiatives. This team is Co-Headed by Mr Gabriel Nhinda and Ms Rachel Manyasha , Deputised by Mr Edward Nepolo

Silver Team

Competition support members responsible for the infrastructure and provide technical support. They create and build the networks the competing students will have to defend. This team also deals with the physical workstations, routers, virtual and cloud environments of the competition. Co- Headed by Mr. Chitauro and Mr Arno Delport, Deputised by Ms Viktoria Shakela, Mr Jaco Cloete and Mr Frans Herle

Green Team

Competition officials, who observe team performance in their competition area, judge and evaluate team performance and rule compliance. They are the scorekeepers during the event.  Headed by Chief Inspector Vaino D. Vaino. Deputized by Mrs. Maria-Ambondo Iita