Namibia National Cybersecurity competition blueprint

NNCSC blueprint


To present a sustainable open platform for cyber security stakeholders to collaborate and secure national assets in line with global SDGs.

Mission Statement

Creating a collaboration platform that fosters learning, training and professional growth towards creating cyber security awareness for all, nationally, for the region and the global village at large.

Strategic Goals

The goals of the Namibia National Cyber Security Competition (NNCSC) are to:-

  • Sensitise civil society, industry, academia, government and non governmental agencies and other stakeholders on the growing risks associated with cyber systems. 
  • Suggest and implement solutions to mitigate the ever growing cybersecurity risks.

Competition high-level overview

The competition is a simulated environment to demonstrate the attack-and-defence approaches using client-server architecture. Teams will be assigned a scenario (normally originating from industry defined problems or projects based on current trending challenges) and will defend the network from industry security professionals’ attacks. Social engineering exercises also formulates some of the competition exercises helping is driving the need for skills evaluation and awareness creation.

The competition contributes immensely to technical and non-technical Cyber Security awareness, for the professional IT Society and for the development of systems security in Namibia, the region and the International community.