Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to a real-world simulation of cyber­se­cu­rity experience, which is not possible in a typical classroom, and allow students to work under pressure.

You will also have the opportunity to network with these students outside of the competition and possibly recruit some of them for employment in your esteemed organizations.

As sponsors, you have the opportunity, to host a scenario that can be modeled for the particular annual competition, which can be a simulation of the real work project or challenge you are working on.

You can also benefit from having the space to advertise some of your products on the competition website and during the competition itself.

As a sponsor you can add value in any or all of the following options:-

  1. Contributions towards prizes to be won by the winners of the competition
  2. Picking any of the competition operational costs budget items
  3. Technical skills  – Industry play an important role during the competitions as they model the hackers, hence we are constantly in need of Experts from industry to fill that space during the competition day.
  4. Being part of the Administrative team, to carry the vision of the competition forward.
  5. Equipment support – Any relevant resources that enhances the smooth running of the competition, like servers, internet access e.t.c

Our sponsors so far since 2015, according to Classification are:-

Titanium Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Technical Sponsors - Judges

Technical Sponsors - Attackers

Technical Sponsors -  Infrastructure

Technical Sponsors - Student Placement

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