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Participating institutions must submit up to eight (8) competitors to the competition manager of the first NNCSC event, and a registration fee of N$1000 for administration. No changes to the team list will be permitted after the team completes the pre-competition training session for the event. The competing team of four members must be chosen from the submitted list. A competition team is defined as the group of individuals competing in a NNCSC event.

Each competition team may consist of a minimum of four (4) members chosen from the submitted roster. Each competing team may have no more than two (2) post-graduate student as team members.

A coach who is a FACULTY or STAFF member must be listed as the contact person in addition to the team captain.

Please have shirt sizes, dietary choice (vegetarian, gluten, etc.), current year, and major for each student competitor. We are also collecting demographic information for current and future fundraising. All such data is dis aggregated from names and institutions. Fill the registration form by clicking the link below:

Competition Registration

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