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 Theme: Collaboration through Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Solutions 

  2019, Friday 3rd   October, Venue: Auditorium 1,  Time  :  0930- 1100            

The cyber space is not only confined to IT people. With technological advancements, everyone is now part and parcel of that connected world. It is on that note that cyber security is now everyone’s responsibility.  The Faculty of Computing and Informatics in collaboration with various industry partners has been hosting a series of Cyber security competitions mainly on the technical end. This year, the Faculty has opened up a new horizon and is welcoming all disciplines to partake in cyber security awareness, we encourage the NUST community to take advantage of this collaborative initiative to be onboard on cyber security issues.

This year, the Namibia National Cyber Security Competition (NNCSC)  events will be of immense benefit to all disciplines across board and will contribute to the progress and development of the security awareness in Namibia, as the country is a role model in adopting the latest trends in modern ICT infrastructure like Digital TV, 4G, WACS, to name but a few. We are convinced that these events is for the benefit of entire Namibian cyber space. It will also contribute especially towards supporting the country’s endeavours to become a knowledge-based economy envisioned through Vision 2030 and a digital nation as proposed in the Harambee Prosperity Plan.


Dr. Jabu Mtsweni

Dr Jabu Mtsweni is a Research Group Leader for Cyber Defence at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Research Fellow at University of South Africa, and Advisory Board Member at ITWeb Security Summit. His research interests and technical expertise are in cyber warfare, cybersecurity, and cybercrimes. He regularly speaks at various local and international conferences on cybersecurity issues. He has over 15 years academic and industry experience working with different local, regional and international industries and partners on various ICT projects. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed conference and journal articles with a number of collaborators. He also continues to supervise Masters and PhD Students from different universities in South Africa. 

Mr. Yuri Gubanov

Yuri Gubanov is a renowned computer forensics expert. He is a frequent speaker at industry-known conferences such as Euro Forensics, CEIC, FT-Day, DE-Day, Techno Forensics, HTCIA and others. Yuri is the Founder and CEO of Belkasoft. Besides, Yuri is an author of, a blog where he takes interviews with key persons in digital forensics and security domain

7th NNCSC Theme

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It’s already time to gear up for 2021. That marks the 7th Year in a roll for the Namibia National Cyber Security Competition.  Do you have any working theme in mind for the 7th NNCSC competition? If so, please type it in below and hit reply.

NNCSC Raffle Competition

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NNCSC Raffle Competition – 2019

This year’s raffle competition is taking place on the 31 October 2019

The following will be the prizes to be won

First Prize N$1500

Second Prize N$500

May you be part of those to be counted for supporting our Cyber Security Team as they are taking initiatives such as these to represent our institution and country at the SANREN competition in December 2019.

ICCDI Competition Program

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You can access the ICCDI 2018 – Program for the Namibia proceedings, via the following link.

International Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational Program

NNCSC Brief History

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UNAM and the then Polytechnic of Namibia participated in the first competition in 2015, then 2016 we had the 2nd competition. NUST won the first two competitions and participated in the ICCDC in June 2016 and 2017 respectively in Des Moines USA, with industry and partners’ immense support. At the 2017 NNCSC the two teams were joined by Triumphant College, St Georges and Delta Secondary School bringing the total number of represented institutes to 5. UNAM emerged the champions in 2017 and will represent the nation in July, in the Internationals.

2015 in Pictures

Sponsorship Options

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We would like to thank you in advance for your commitment towards this important competition, which will have a lasting impact on our society. By sponsoring the competition, you will benefit in many ways, to mention a few:- use of your company logo in the promotional materials and communications done for the competition; an opportunity to interview some of the students for employment as security professionals in your organisation; training of your personnel on security best practices by our Faculty in the work environment as well as an opportunity to collaborate on developing security solutions that suits you, we will be glad to partner with you in raising information security awareness among  your various clients.

Table 1: Sponsoring options for NNCSC

Category Sponsorship Value
Diamond N$ 250 000
Titanium N$ 125 000
Platinum N$ 65 000
Gold N$ 30 000
Silver N$13 000
Bronze N$ 6 500


NNCSC Industry Value Proposition

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As industry, you stand to benefit a lot from the NNCSC competition in many ways than you can anticipate. Here is a summary of some of the key values that you can unlock from the competition.

1.   Testing real problems in a controlled environment

If you have a project or problem you are busy trying to solve in your organisation. By modelling it as a scenario to be worked on during the competition, you will find an array of possible and creative ways of approaching the solutions towards such a problem. The competition creates a platform for problem solving, projects execution and modelling of solutions towards defined needs. If considered viable, such solutions can be improved after the competition to suit your real needs.

2.   Scouting for talent

There is no better way of recruiting your future cyber security experts, than to be present during the time when they are under pressure working on real typical business day to day challenges. Internship students can also be identified from the participants without the need to guess on their potential to deliver.

3.   Brand awareness

A marketing ground for reaching out to your other potential market and future business community. You can engage your respective marketing units to be present and active at any level of the competition from preparation to the actual competition day and even after.  You can also work with students on community outreach programs for your organisation.

4.   Networking

Specifically focused on fostering constructive business relations that you could leverage on beyond the competition platform, you have good ground to encounter a diverse pool of different personalities in the same field and society during the competition.

5.   Community engagement

 helps you get feedback on your services in a relaxed platform, without investing a lot of time in getting such crucial pieces of data that could be vital for your next strategic business plan for instance.

6.   Collaboration

the environment presented by the competition allows industry partners from various organisations to converge together in one place, hence facilitate sharing of ideas on common problems that are relevant towards typical day-to-day operations. Such skills are gained without committing to enrol for any particular course at any institution. 

7.   New product or service launches

harnessing the competition platform, industry can test the security strength of their various products. You can present prototypes for testing and you can receive constructive feedback, hence helping you cut on that R & D budget. 

8.   Staying relevant

Any platform that allows you to interface with the academic community is a golden opportunity to gain up to date trends in the cyber security space and related fields as informed by various research findings, without committing to parting away with the consultancy fees.

9.   Time and Cost Saving

As highlighted in most of the potential benefits here, if objectively assessed, there is ample room for cost cutting and time saving. The time it was going to take you sending out an advert for a cyber security or related position in your organisation, it could be reduced by coming to the source of talent and handpick the skills you are looking for, just for an example.

10.  Sponsoring Opportunity

As industry you have an opportunity to be part and parcel of the noble cause, that places your organisation on the map, as the NNCSC competition, feeds every year into an International Competition and each and every time the participants proceed on your sponsorship ticket, the name reaching the global space is yours.  You can also sponsor by availing your IT staff to come and sharpen their skills, as they can be part of the mainstream competition proceedings from judging to attacking e.t.c

Team Descriptions

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The following is a summary of the various teams that form every part of the NNCSC competition

Gold Team/Operations Team

competition officials that organize, run and manage the competition. They solicit for sponsorship, manage the budget and handle all communication including complaints. The team is headed by Dr. Bhunu Shava.

Yellow Team

competition officials that are responsible for the event logistics including food, venue, and program design. The team is headed by Dr. Mercy Chitauro.

Black Team

penetration testing professionals simulating external hackers attempting to gain unauthorised access to competition teams’ systems. The objective is not to disable the networks, but to set things up that create a learning environment for the students. Headed by Mr. Reghardt Joubert. Deputized by Mr. Nashima Etutega. 

Blue Team

competition support members who provide overall administrative support to the competition. They develop documentation and rules. Co-headed by Prof. Fungai Bhunu Shava and Dr. Attlee M. Gamundani.

Orange Team

These are customer service professionals who evaluate to crate or technically end users who will be requesting services from the white team –  Co-headed by Mr. Julius Silaa & Mr. Isaac Nhamu

White Team/Competition Team

the institution competitive teams consisting of students competing in an NNCSC event. 

Silver Team

competition support members responsible for the infrastructure and provide technical support. They create and build the networks the competing students will have to defend. This team also deals with the physical workstations, routers, virtual and cloud environments of the competition. headed by Mr. Chitauro

Green Team

competition officials, who observe team performance in their competition area, judge and evaluate team performance and rule compliance. They are the scorekeepers during the event.  Headed by Chief Inspector Vaino D. Vaino. Deputized by Mrs. Maria-Ambondo Iita


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Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to a real-world simulation of cyber­se­cu­rity experience, which is not possible in a typical classroom, and allow students to work under pressure.

You will also have the opportunity to network with these students outside of the competition and possibly recruit some of them for employment in your esteemed organizations.

As sponsors, you have the opportunity, to host a scenario that can be modeled for the particular annual competition, which can be a simulation of the real work project or challenge you are working on.

You can also benefit from having the space to advertise some of your products on the competition website and during the competition itself.

As a sponsor you can add value in any or all of the following options:-

  1. Contributions towards prizes to be won by the winners of the competition
  2. Picking any of the competition operational costs budget items
  3. Technical skills  – Industry play an important role during the competitions as they model the hackers, hence we are constantly in need of Experts from industry to fill that space during the competition day.
  4. Being part of the Administrative team, to carry the vision of the competition forward.
  5. Equipment support – Any relevant resources that enhances the smooth running of the competition, like servers, internet access e.t.c

Our sponsors so far since 2015, according to Classification are:-

Titanium Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Technical Sponsors - Judges

Technical Sponsors - Attackers

Technical Sponsors -  Infrastructure

Technical Sponsors - Student Placement

Upcoming Events

6th Namibia National Cyber Security Competition – 20th of November 2020 (End User Competition)

21st of November 2020 (Competing Teams Competition)



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