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6th NNCSC Theme

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It’s already time to gear up for 2020. That marks the 6th Year in a roll for the Namibia National Cyber Security Competition.  Do you have any working theme in mind for the 6th NNCSC competition? If so, please type it in below and hit reply.

NNCSC Raffle Competition

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NNCSC Raffle Results

The following were the prizes of the Raffle Draw,

First Prize: $2000

Second Prize: $1500

Third Prize: $500

On behalf of the NNCSC Organising Team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for all those who participated in the raffle competition. Your contributions have gone a long way in changing and shaping the cyber space for the Namibian Nation.

We con graduate the winners of the draw and encourage more participants for future draws, you might as well be the lucky winner.

Mrs Chitauro handing over the 3rd Prize to Joyolokeni Kayoo

Mrs Rosetha Kays presenting the 2nd to Penehafo Paulus

Mrs Rosetha Kays presenting the 1st prize to Uakomba Mbasuva

ICCDI Competition Program

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You can access the ICCDI 2018 – Program for the Namibia proceedings, via the following link.

International Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational Program

NNCSC Brief History

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UNAM and the then Polytechnic of Namibia participated in the first competition in 2015, then 2016 we had the 2nd competition. NUST won the first two competitions and participated in the ICCDC in June 2016 and 2017 respectively in Des Moines USA, with industry and partners’ immense support. At the 2017 NNCSC the two teams were joined by Triumphant College, St Georges and Delta Secondary School bringing the total number of represented institutes to 5. UNAM emerged the champions in 2017 and will represent the nation in July, in the Internationals.

2015 in Pictures

Sponsorship Options

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We would like to thank you in advance for your commitment towards this important competition, which will have a lasting impact on our society. By sponsoring the competition, you will benefit in many ways, to mention a few:- use of your company logo in the promotional materials and communications done for the competition; an opportunity to interview some of the students for employment as security professionals in your organisation; training of your personnel on security best practices by our Faculty in the work environment as well as an opportunity to collaborate on developing security solutions that suits you, we will be glad to partner with you in raising information security awareness among  your various clients.

Table 1: Sponsoring options for NNCSC

Category Sponsorship Value
Diamond N$ 250 000
Titanium N$ 125 000
Platinum N$ 65 000
Gold N$ 30 000
Silver N$13 000
Bronze N$ 6 500


Team Descriptions

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The following is a summary of the various teams that forms every part of the NNCSC competition

Gold Team/Operations Team

competition officials that organize, run, and manage the competition. They solicit for sponsorship, manage the budget and handle all communication including complaints. The team is headed by Dr Bhunu Shava.

Yellow Team

competition officials that are responsible for the event logistics including food, venue and program design. The team is headed by Mrs Mercy Chitauro.

Black Team

penetration testing professionals simulating external hackers attempting to gain unauthorised access to competition teams’ systems. The objective is not to disable the networks, but to set things up that create a learning environment for the students. Headed by Mr Edward Nepolo.

Blue Team

competition support members who provide overall administrative support to the competition. They develop the documentation and rules. Co-headed by Dr Fungai Bhunu Shava and Mr Attlee Gamundani.

Orange Team

These are customer service professionals who evaluate to crate or technically end users who will be requesting services from the white team –  Co-headed by Mr Julius Silaa & Mr Isaac Nhamu

White Team/Competition Team

the institution competitive teams consisting of students competing in a NNCSC event. The team is  Co-headed by Prof Jazri and Dr Nalina Suresh.

Silver Team

competition support members responsible for the infrastructure and provide technical support. They create and build the networks the competing students will have to defend. This team also deals with the physical workstations, routers, virtual and cloud environments of the competition. headed by Mr Chitauro

Green Team

competition officials, who observe team performance in their competition area, judge and evaluate team performance and rule compliance. They are the score keepers during the event.  Co-headed by Mr Massory Ickua & Mr Licky Erastus.


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Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to a real-world simulation of cyber­se­cu­rity experience, which is not possible in a typical classroom, and allow students to work under pressure.

You will also have the opportunity to network with these students outside of the competition and possibly recruit some of them for employment in your esteemed organizations.

As sponsors, you have the opportunity, to host a scenario that can be modelled for the particular annual competition, which can be a simulation of the real work project or challenge you are working on.

You can also benefit from having the space to advertise some of your products on the competition website and during the competition itself.

As a sponsor you can add value in any or all of the following options:-

  1. Contributions towards prizes to be won by the winners of the competition
  2. Picking any of the competition operational costs budget items
  3. Technical skills  – Industry play an important role during the competitions as they model the hackers, hence we are constantly in need of Experts from industry to fill that space during the competition day.
  4. Being part of the Administrative team, to carry the vision of the competition forward.
  5. Equipment support – Any relevant resources that enhances the smooth running of the competition, like servers, internet access e.t.c

Our sponsors so far since 2015, according to Classification are:-

Titanium Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Technical Sponsors - Judges

Technical Sponsors - Attackers

Technical Sponsors -  Infrastructure

Technical Sponsors - Student Placement

Upcoming Events

5th Namibia National Cyber Security Competition – 5th of October 2019


International Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition -16-17 August 2019


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