What is Namibia National Cyber Security Competition (NNCSC)?
The Namibia National Cyber security Competition (NNCSC) was created to compliment the skills of students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science in Cyber Security as well as Bachelor honours in Digital Forensics and Information security programmes. The programmes are developed to give the students a good theoretical foundation and some practical experience; however a live encounter with hacking in real time can develop an appreciation of the degrees as well as awaken the understanding of the danger lurking on the Internet.

The primary objective of the competition is to provide students with real world challenges while maintaining a corporate network that cannot be replicated in a typical classroom, making the students better trained and prepared when they graduate. They may be dealing with power outages, CEO’s on vacation, VPN setups, etc. while being under attack by trained professionals including Ministries of Safety and Security and industry professionals.

The second objective is to give potential employers, i.e. the sponsors, a chance to observe the students under pressure.

The competition normally takes place at the Namibia University of Science and Technology Campus.Due to COVID-19, this year, the competition will be purely virtual running on the 4th of December 2020.  The competition is open to all Bachelor, Bachelor honours and Postgraduates in the school/faculty of computing/Information communication technology enrolled in a three year and four year programmes in colleges/universities. To ensure continuity, the competition is also open to High School .  Each  team  will consists of  a maximum of eight students including two graduate students per team for Higher Education Institutions and no limit for level of studies for High Schools and End Users.

Institutions may enter teams as per the competition guidelines. The industry and government departments can enrol attack teams who will test the skills of the students in a professional and competitive manner.

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